Bible College Directory UK


How do I know which Bible College to go to? There are so many options and I feel confused. Here are some tips, which can help in finding the college that suits your needs.

1) It must be a Bible believing college.

2) Write to as many different colleges as possible and ask for their prospectus.

3) Be honest with yourself and answer the following question:
What do I want to have inputted to my life by the end of the course?

a) If you want to be an R.E. teacher you can find many good evangelical colleges which will give you a degree in Theology and will enable you to go into teaching.

b) If you want a year out between A levels and university there are some missions designed specifically to meet this need.

c) If you desire discipleship training without much academics, there are colleges designed to meet your need.

d) If you want to get more involved as a missionary on a long-term basis, the best thing for you to do is to go to Bible college that offers you this training.

Let's never turn 65 and say, "I wish I had the chance to do it over again". Give it 110% today.

e) If you want to be a pastor in your own denomination the best thing for you to do is to find a college that your denomination approves of and which would not be a problem for your denomination when you finish your course. Make sure you find a good spiritual college and not just one that will suit the demands of your denomination but would not give you any spiritual growth.

4) If you are feeling God's call upon your life make sure you talk to your pastor and elders about it. Keep them informed of your decisions and if they do not agree with you do not be upset with them. Probably you play an important part in your own fellowship and your departure will be felt very strongly.

5) Select three different colleges and visit them. If it is possible, stay for two or three days and see if it really meets your expectations.

Once you have had a clear guidance from the Lord you must obey Him, but never forget to write to your home church because they will be behind you in prayer.

"Let's do our best to reach the whole world as soon as possible for Christ".

Rev. F. M. Santos, Resolven Church, Wales, UK.