19. GODLY FRIENDS are GOOD to have

Question and answer: “Should I have non-Christian friends?”

It is important to have non-Christian friends, because you are the light of the world. But sometimes if you are weak in faith, they could lead you astray. Are your friends open to the gospel, or do they consistently lead you into sin? God may show you not to spend time with certain people because of the negative influence they have on you. He may call you to be a friend to them also, as a witness for Him.

Proverbs 12:26 and 13:20 ‘The righteous should choose his friends carefully, for the way of the wicked leads him astray’. ‘He who walks with wise men will be wise, but the companion of fools will be destroyed’

A friend is good for a chat and will listen to you. A true friend should tell you in a loving attitude when you are wrong. A friend is someone who you can laugh with and sometimes you will cry together. Proverbs 27:9 ‘Ointment and perfume delight the heart and the sweetness of a man's friend gives delight by hearty counsel’.

Fact: A real friend will stick around in difficult times Proverbs 27:10. On the other hand we should not be deceived: ‘Evil company corrupts good habits’ 1 Corinthians 15:33.

Sometimes the people you study or work with can be ‘friends’ within the environment of school, college or work place etc. You may have to choose not to socialise with them at other times, because their life style would be a hindrance to your spiritual growth.

Wisdom: Some ‘friends’ may think less of you for becoming a Christian. They may not want to socialise with you any more. It’s OK to drift apart.

Your Christian friends should help you grow in faith. Proverbs 27:6, 17. It is good to talk about your walk with God in an informal way. Ask your friends what they have been reading in the Bible, or what they have been praying for. Encourage each other to go deeper with God.

Think: Do any of my friends have a negative influence on me? Who has a positive influence on me and should I spend more time with them?

More Info: Deuteronomy 13:6-8, 1 Samuel 20, Proverbs 17:9,17, 18:1,24, 22:24, 28:23, Ecclesiastes 7:21,22, (Matthew 26:31-75 & John 21:15-19) John 15:14, Philippians 2:3,4.

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