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Strange and Interesting Facts

  • In 2002 the music singles sales hit their lowest for 25 years, at the same time over £47 million worth of ring tones were sold. Some pop ring tones sold more than the single!

  • On 23rd January 1996 David Ashford, a former British Aerospace engineer, began taking bookings for package holidays to the moon. Space tourists would pay £60,000 to enjoy the thrills of weightlessness in a space hotel. The holidays should commence in 2010.

  • Traditional Haggis consists of minced sheep’s heart, liver and lungs, with pinhead oatmeal, herbs and spices all packed inside a sheep’s stomach!

  • The Barbie doll got her first car in 1962. It was a coral-coloured Austin Healy manufactured by the Irwin Corporation for Mattel.

  • The first drug offered as a water-soluble tablet was the aspirin in 1900.

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