The UK’s First Christian Reality TV Series

In the last few years, reality TV has taken over our screens, from jungle worn celebrities, to young business people hoping to be the apprentice. In an ironic twist, two Bible College graduates are bringing their mission adventures to the small screen.

ByFaith – 'A Journey of Discipleship,' documents the adventures of two British brothers around Europe, North Africa and throughout Asia. In fifteen episodes through fourteen nations, armed with their backpacks, Bibles and a video camera, they share their successes, failures and jubilation as they witness the Christian faith around the globe.

“The Christian faith gives hope and encouragement to millions of people around the world,” says Paul “and I believe people are interested in a confident expression of faith in Christ.”

Paul (27), and Mathew Backholer (31), believe that the Christian faith is still alive in Britain. We do sometimes forget that around four million people regularly attend a church in Britain, and over 70% of UK citizens claimed to be Christians in the last census. “Christianity helped shape Britain as a nation and I think it is important to consider something that was so dear to our forefathers,” said Mathew.

“People have profound questions about who God is, does prayer work and is there a purpose for my life? Yet in the busyness of the 21st century, there is little opportunity to really explore these questions. In my experience, people in the UK still have a belief in God, even though they may not attend a place of worship,” said Paul.

“Our website ( and TV series can help people talk about Christianity in the comfort of their own homes and if they want to explore more, they can look for a relevant local church,” says Mathew.

The ByFaith series airs on UCB TV (Sky channel 766) this year and is now available on DVD.

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ByFaith Media is based in the South of England and desires to produce culturally relevant Christian media. It produces the ByFaith website and TV series.