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Doctor, Doctor Jokes

  • 131. “Doctor, doctor I keep thinking there are two of me”. “One at a time please”.
  • 132. “Doctor, doctor, some days I feel like a teepee and other days I feel like a wigwam”. “You're two tents”.
  • 133. “Doctor, doctor I keep thinking I'm invisible”. “Who said that?”
  • 134. “Doctor, doctor my little boy has just swallowed a roll of film”. “Let's hope nothing develops”.
  • 135. “Doctor, doctor I've lost my memory!” “When did this happen?” “When did what happen?”
  • 136. “Doctor, doctor my son has swallowed my pen, what should I do?” “Use a pencil till I sort it out”.
  • 137. “Doctor, doctor I feel like a cube”. “You do look a little square”.
  • 138. “Doctor, doctor I feel like a square”. “Let me look at your side”.
  • 139. “Doctor, doctor I feel like a sphere”. “Get to the point and please stop going round in circles”.
  • 140. “Doctor, doctor I feel like a lost case”. “I’ll be brief”.

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